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Latest company new about CHINAPLAS 2024: BASF Launches A Range Of Renewable Grades And Circular Solutions To Fuel Sustainable Plastics Journey

CHINAPLAS 2024: BASF Launches A Range Of Renewable Grades And Circular Solutions To Fuel Sustainable Plastics Journey

BASF showcased a series of co-creations based on circular solutions at CHINAPLAS 2024, including pyrolysis oil converted from post-consumer plastic waste (originating from Asia), Ultramid® Ccycled® polyamide (PA) produced based on the mass balance method, innovative “designed recycling” PU foam technology that enables streamlined recycling of polyurethane (PU) foam, and a series of recyclable grades that help the plastics industry move towards a more sustainable future.   Andy Postlethwaite, Senior Vice President and Head of Performance Materials Asia Pacific, BASF, said: "At CHINAPLAS 2024, BASF has launched a series of sustainable products, fulfilling its commitment to Asian customers: to help them advance their sustainable journey and achieve relevant goals with a comprehensive product portfolio. In particular, the Ultramid Ccyled mass balance product, which is "recycled locally" in Asia, contains a certain proportion of pyrolysis oil converted from post-consumer plastic waste in Asia, which shows that BASF attaches great importance to the transformation of raw materials in its integrated value chain."   In addition, BASF also showcased its latest plastic additives products, which can greatly improve the sustainability of plastics and are suitable for various application scenarios.   Dr. Hazel Sprafke, Vice President and Head of Business Management Plastic Additives Asia Pacific, BASF, said: "We hope to connect key industry players at CHINAPLAS 2024, share technical insights in the field of plastic additives in the future, and find opportunities to accelerate the transition to a circular economy."   Mechanical recycling and chemical recycling are important components of the circular economy. Plastic additives are essential in mechanical recycling, which recycles plastic waste and gives it a second life. IrgaCycle® is a unique family of additives that helps resin producers, compounders and recyclers achieve higher recycling rates, improve the quality and consistency of recyclates, and optimize the performance of end products.   Car audio frames made from 100% renewable granules, T-shirts made from discarded fishing nets, and storage boxes made from upcycled plastic pallets are all made possible by IrgaCycle®. At CHINAPLAS 2024, BASF will also showcase its recently launched Irgastab® PUR 71 solution for roof panels, Tinuvin® 2730 for excellent light stability in products such as fish rafts, and NOR technology for greenhouse films. BASF has been advocating the “Carbon Rope Path, Plastic Together” to drive the plastics industry towards a more sustainable and circular future. This journey covers the entire life cycle of plastics, not just from production to waste. In addition to material innovation, BASF is also actively involved in promoting the circular economy in the plastics sector, including focusing on recyclability when designing products and packaging, optimizing manufacturing processes to reduce waste, and working with partners to build an efficient collection and recycling system. By creating a closed loop of resource utilization and reintroducing renewable plastics into the value chain, BASF aims to minimize resource loss and reduce the impact of plastic waste on the environment. Chemical recycling converts post-consumer plastic waste that is technically or economically difficult to recycle mechanically into pyrolysis oil, which is used as a feedstock in BASF's production process to meet customers' goals of reducing the carbon footprint of products and achieving the proportion of recycled content in a timely manner. The proportion of recycled materials in the products is determined according to the mass balance method, audited by a third party and certified accordingly. Dr. Lou Jianfeng, Chairman and President of BASF Greater China, said: "The Chinese market is shifting to a high-quality and sustainable growth model, and BASF is well prepared to meet the market's growing demand for innovative and sustainable chemicals. By participating in the 2024 Chinaplas and other platform activities, we hope to connect customers and partners to work together to accelerate the sustainable journey of plastics and support the development of new quality productivity."   WalthMac also attend the CHINAPLAS, and dedicate to plastic industrial.   (The content and picture are referenced from the Chinaplas Oline Website)
Latest company new about Warmly Welcome Wenwei Zhu, Honorary Chairman of China Plastics Processing Industry Association and Zhanjie Wang, Chairman of the Association, to Visit and Guidance WalthMac

Warmly Welcome Wenwei Zhu, Honorary Chairman of China Plastics Processing Industry Association and Zhanjie Wang, Chairman of the Association, to Visit and Guidance WalthMac

On April 9, 2024, Wenwei Zhu, Honorary Chairman of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, and Zhanjie Wang, Chairman of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, came to Mianyang WalthMac Measurement&Control Technology Co., Ltd. for visiting and guidance. WalthMac extended a warm welcome to the arrival of the two leaders. The WalthMac's general manager Hao Tang, deputy general manager  Qiyang He, marketing director Zhiwei, Dai and sales director Min Tang jointly participated in the reception.   Honorary Chairman Wenwei Zhu and Chairman Zhanjie Wang visited the WalthMac Product Exhibition Hall and Corporate Culture Hall, and learned in detail about the development history, honorary qualifications, product features, R&D capabilities, and development direction of WalthMac.   As a member of China's plastic measurement and control industry, WalthMac focuses on helping plastic manufacturing companies realize the automation of the entire production process, improve product quality and save raw materials, and reduce the reliance on labor in the entire manufacturing process. The company has always insisted on being customer-centered, focusing on technological innovation, and constantly promoting product research and development iterations to match diversified customer needs and flexibly respond to market changes.   General Manager Hao Tang first expressed his gratitude to Honorary Chairman Wenwei Zhu and Chairman Zhanjie Wang for coming to WalthMac to guide our work despite their busy schedules. This reflects the great importance and recognition that China Plastics Association attaches to WalthMac. During the exchange, General Manager Hao Tang reported on the company's development overview and future development plans, and said that as a loyal member of the China Plastics Association, WalthMac will continue to work tirelessly in the plastic measurement and control industry to provide high-quality services to the majority of plastics manufacturing companies.  As a competitor in the fierce market involution, WalthMac will always adhere to the innovation-driven development strategy, accelerate the iteration of new product research and development, and promote the sustainable development and innovation of the business. At the same time, WalthMac will continue to strengthen its market team building, pay attention to the cultivation of talents, and strive to maintain its leading position in the industry in terms of technology, cost and service.   For more information of our systems(equipment),please feel free to click the link of our official website:
Latest company new about 3.15  International Consumer Rights Day  -- Build Integrity Together And Protect Consumer Rights

3.15 International Consumer Rights Day -- Build Integrity Together And Protect Consumer Rights

Since its founding, Worth has understood the importance of operating with integrity. We firmly believe that only products with quality and integrity will have a market. Only enterprises that adhere to "customer-centric" and resolutely safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers can remain invincible in the fierce competition.   In order to better fulfill the obligations of operators and protect the legitimate rights and interests of customers, Worth has established a complete quality inspection system. Each product shipped from Worth is equipped with an individual inspection certificate, and provides products sold with There is a one-year free warranty period. During the warranty period, if there is a problem with product quality, we will provide customers with free repair and free parts replacement services.   At the same time, we actively listen to the voices of consumers. We have established a 24-hour service hotline to facilitate customers to contact us in time when problems arise. We welcome new and old customers to call us at any time to provide us with comments and suggestions. We also regularly visit customers who have used Worth products to collect problems and improvement suggestions that arise during product use, gain an in-depth understanding of customers' actual needs and expectations, and continue to develop and innovate products to create more competitive products for customers. Powerful products.   On the Consumer Rights Day, we once again promise to all consumers: We will always adhere to the bottom line of honest management, continuously improve product quality and service quality, be customer-centric, actively safeguard customer rights and interests, and continue to create value for customers!   To know more about the WalthMac,pls feel free to contact us:
Latest company new about In 2023, The United States Imported Nearly 450000 Tons of Waste Plastics, Posing Challenges In The Production of Recycled Plastics

In 2023, The United States Imported Nearly 450000 Tons of Waste Plastics, Posing Challenges In The Production of Recycled Plastics

According to tracking by the U.S. Census Bureau, the total amount of plastic waste imported into the United States in 2023 exceeded 446700 metric tons. According to global consulting firm ICIS, the import of PET waste by reprocessing companies in the United States increased by 33% in 2023 compared to the previous year.   The United States became a net importer of plastic waste for the first time last year   Skeptics worried that plastic recycling is a dead end may want to note that the demand for plastic waste in the United States in 2023 will exceed its ability to put enough plastic bottles and other items into recycling bins. According to ICIS data, the United States became a net importer of plastic waste for the first time last year. The country's reprocessing industry imported 33% more polyethylene terephthalate (PET) waste last year than the previous year.   In February, ICIS wrote, "Although some relationships remain steadfast, such as the plastic waste trade between North American partners Canada, Mexico, and the United States, others are strengthening, especially the United States' import of PET plastic waste from Asia. The US Census Bureau's annual trade data shows that the import of plastic waste from the United States (HS code 3915) continues to increase.". This number increased by 5% year-on-year, with a total of over 446700 metric tons by 2023. The import of plastic waste includes used bottles and other forms of recycled materials, such as purification materials, remaining ingredients, and existing sheet materials.   The production of recycled plastics in the United States is facing challenges   Despite impressive import data, ICIS states that the production of recycled plastics in the United States is facing challenges. The company stated that many plastic grades used for cost sensitive applications, such as those used for building materials, durable goods, and packaging, have seen a significant decrease in demand due to the continued influx of low-cost raw materials into the market.   ICIS stated that even the recent entry into consumer packaging levels in the US market is facing weak market conditions, with customers turning to imported recycled resins.   "Some recycling companies now purchase cheap immediate or imported recycled PET sheets, process them into food grade granular products, and sell their internally produced sheets directly to customers from high cost domestic packaging materials," ICIS said. "In the long run, the United States will seek to import packaging or sheet materials not only for cost reasons, but also to meet the growth of domestic plastic recycling capacity, despite the stagnant domestic plastic recycling rate."   According to statistics from the US Census Bureau, Thailand is one of the countries that ships PET waste to the United States, and its shipments now account for 11% of the total PET plastic waste imports in the United States. However, it still lags behind neighboring Canada, which provided 29% of PET waste in 2023.   When using various raw materials, including recycled materials, for extrusion, it is also necessary to consider the issue of dosing accuracy. WalthMac's Gravimetrci Batch Blending System process not only improves the accuracy of granular material batching, but also allows for thorough mixing of raw materials, ensuring the quality of the produced products.   (Content and picture from China-plas Online Website)
Latest company new about Alpla Pharma Presents Innovative Pharmaceutical Packaging At Pharmapack 2024

Alpla Pharma Presents Innovative Pharmaceutical Packaging At Pharmapack 2024

ALPLA pharma is the pharmaceutical business unit of ALPLA, and Inden Pharma is its joint venture. The cooperation between the two parties has been successful in less than a year, opening up new horizons in a challenging market. Teams from both parties are eagerly looking forward to the challenges of 2024, while looking back on achievements to date, expanding product offerings and improving services.   ALPLA pharma and Inden Pharma jointly participated in the Pharmapack 2024 exhibition in Paris from January 24 to 25.   Walter Kniss, general manager of ALPLA pharma, expressed excitement about the cooperation between the two parties. He said: "In the context of a corporate joint venture, it is very fulfilling to work with colleagues from Inden every day. In a short period of time, we have gone from being a partner to pharmaceuticals I have benefited greatly from our expertise and extensive experience in the market.”   Juan Gulum, general manager of Inden Pharma, is also enthusiastic: "We particularly appreciate ALPLA's global business network and expertise and are delighted to become a member of the family. Experience and knowledge are the common basis for development and innovation."   For the future, the partners plan to conduct more global mergers and acquisitions to strengthen their influence and thereby better serve customers around the world.   Pharmapack 2024 Exhibition Highlights.   At the Pharmapack exhibition, the two companies jointly presented new products such as CRC 36 caps to the public.   This innovative child-resistant (CRC) anti-tamper (TE) cap integrates a desiccant stopper (silica gel) and can be configured with 1.2g to 4.2g of desiccant. This product can be adapted to containers from 20ml to 500ml and is a multi-functional and innovative system solution.   Joint venture ALPLA INDEN Pharma presented a new bottle cap that is child-resistant and has an integrated desiccant.   In addition, partners demonstrated SafePha, an innovative anti-counterfeiting technology for pharmaceutical packaging that offers numerous advantages. SafePha's holographic elements not only deter counterfeiters, but also bring aesthetic appeal. Each package also has an independent QR code for product authentication, strengthening patients’ digital interaction, trust and brand loyalty. Additionally, SafePha is cost-effective and scalable at no additional cost.   SafePha, demonstrated at the Paris exhibition, is an innovative anti-counterfeiting technology for pharmaceutical packaging that has many advantages.   Christian Schiller, Sales Director at ALPLApharma, emphasizes an important aspect: "At Pharmapack, we will present our expanding product portfolio and always practice sustainability. This positioning emphasizes our active contribution to sustainable development Promise of".   About the joint venture   ALPLA PHARM AND INDEN PHARDA   ALPLA pharma and Inden Pharma announced the establishment of a joint venture in March 2023 to strengthen the influence of both parties in the pharmaceutical market and provide the most advanced pharmaceutical packaging solutions. The two parties have collaborated to create a product catalog of more than 300 products.   As technology leaders and global players, the two companies have extensive expertise and experience, with production sites in Greece, Poland, Spain and Germany.   With the development of dosing and mixing technology,the Gravimetric Batch Blending System becomes one of the popular equipment in production process,to make sure the feeding accuracy as high as possible.   (Content and pictures come from the China-plas Online Website)
Latest company new about Strong Alliance! Ruijian Medical, A Leading Enterprise In Automatic Syringes, Acquires An American Injection Mold Company

Strong Alliance! Ruijian Medical, A Leading Enterprise In Automatic Syringes, Acquires An American Injection Mold Company

SHL Medical's acquisition of Super Tooling Inc., a plastic injection mold manufacturing company based in the United States, further enhances its business capabilities.   This integration will strengthen SHL's internal manufacturing capabilities, particularly providing support for the manufacturing plant in North Charleston, North Carolina, which will begin operations in mid-2024.   Superior Tooling will provide support for SHL's global strategic manufacturing business, strengthen its vertical capabilities in its new base, and consolidate its position locally.   SHL Medical is headquartered in Switzerland and is a supplier of advanced drug delivery solutions. SHL Medical has further expanded its global strategic manufacturing business by acquiring Super Tooling Inc., an American plastic injection mold manufacturer headquartered in Wake Forest, North Carolina.   With the construction of two new manufacturing factories in North Charleston, South Carolina, USA and Chug, Switzerland, as well as the addition of existing facilities in Taiwan, SHL has strategically addressed the growing demand for automatic syringes in the market.   Superior Tooling will provide support for SHL's global strategic manufacturing business, particularly by strengthening its vertical capabilities at its new factory in North Charleston and consolidating its position locally. The expansion of this advantage highlights SHL's global strategy, emphasizing its unique feature of complete internal manufacturing, and positioning mold manufacturing as one of its core competencies near its new factory in South Carolina.   Ulrich Faessler, the chairman and CEO of SHL Medical, expressed great expectations for this cooperation: "Our demand for automatic syringes, including diabetes and weight management and other treatment areas, is growing rapidly. Through continuous progress, we have realized our strategic vision to maintain our position as a market leader."   "This acquisition is an important milestone in our globalization process to better serve our customer base. We are pleased to welcome Super Tooling to join the SHL family."   Expanding mold capabilities globally.   The acquisition of Superior Tools not only supports SHL's internal mold manufacturing needs, but also supports its strategy of providing the highest quality tools to customers in various industries. This American company will work closely with SHL's existing mold department to develop new solutions for its global customer base.   Robbie Earnhardt, President of Superior Tooling, stated: "This marks an important step forward in our potential and growth trajectory. We are very proud to see our abilities recognized by a global enterprise and eagerly look forward to being a key member of SHL Medical to maximize these abilities. I believe that the synergy between our abilities and SHL's established mold expertise will prove to be a great advantage for both our existing and new customers."   WalthMac offers Gravimetric Batch Blender for dosing and mixing multiple raw materials,help manufacturers improving quality and material saving.   (Content and picture come from the China Plast Online Website)
Latest company new about The UK Tax Authorities Plan To Evaluate The Country's Plastic Packaging Tax

The UK Tax Authorities Plan To Evaluate The Country's Plastic Packaging Tax

The UK tax authorities plan to evaluate the plastic packaging tax (PPT) in the country, which was introduced in April 2022 and reached £ 276 million (€ 318 million) in taxes by the end of the fiscal year in March 2023.   The UK government introduced a plastic packaging tax in April 2022 (Image source: Pexels/Pixabay).   The UK government stated in a statement that the State Administration of Taxation will evaluate PPTs and "seek the opinion of the Ministry of Finance when necessary. This is a continuation of the government's commitment to increasing transparency and accountability. The results of this evaluation will ensure that we learn important lessons to guide future development of PPTs and broader policy measures."   Related: The UK government announces plastic packaging tax revenue.   The PPT aims to encourage more companies to use recycled materials in their products. The plastic packaging components produced and sold by manufacturers and importers need to contain at least 30% recycled plastic and no less than 10 tons per year.   At present, the tax rate is £ 210.82 per ton, initially £ 200 per ton. The UK government has stated that, considering inflation, a higher amount has been set.   In 2023, Zoe Brimelow, the director of UK packaging manufacturer Duo, stated that the tax has successfully stimulated demand for recycled plastic packaging and brought significant revenue to the government.     However, she stated that companies that comply with tax policies or purchase new equipment and processes as a result should be informed how to use the "hundreds of millions of pounds" of additional income.   The use of recycled plastics has promoted the development of green economy and saved raw material costs for manufacturers. WalthMac considers that improving the accuracy of feeding and mixing raw materials during the production packaging process can better help manufacturers save raw material costs and improve product quality, thus achieving two goals with one stone.   (Content and picture come from the China Plast Online Website)  
Latest company new about LyondellBasell And Beiqin Collaborate To Use Bio Based Polymers For Baby Bottles

LyondellBasell And Beiqin Collaborate To Use Bio Based Polymers For Baby Bottles

LyondellBasell, an advanced recycler headquartered in the Netherlands, collaborates with Pigeon, a Singaporean company that produces mother and child care products, to develop baby bottles using LyondellBasell's CirculenRenew polymer.   The CirculenRenew polymer in LyondellBasell is made from renewable raw materials such as edible oil and distributed using the quality balance method certified by the International Sustainable Development and Carbon Certification (ISCC PLUS). CirculenRenew is used for SofTouch T-Ester, polyphenylsulfone (PPSU), and glass bottle caps of Beiqin, as well as for the body and cap of polypropylene (PP) straw bottles.   Allen Yu, Senior Vice President of LyondellBasell Asia Pacific, stated: "At LyondellBasell, we are committed to creating solutions for daily sustainable living and supporting our clients in achieving their sustainable development goals. Our CirculenRenew product line has made this progress. We are delighted to be collaborating with Beiqin Singapore to carry out this project, which is a milestone as we are offering CirculenRenew rating for baby products for the first time."   According to Liand Basser, the product carbon footprint (PCF) of CirculenRenew PP is 70% lower than that of PP based on fossil fuels.   Yusuke Nakata, CEO of Beiqin Singapore, stated: "Our goal is to support parents in providing the best things for babies, including a more sustainable growth environment. In the past few years, we have been researching our material sources and shifting to alternative options where possible. The use of bio based plastics in our bottles is an exciting breakthrough, and we are proud to collaborate with LyondellBasell to launch this meaningful product line."   Recently, Beiqin has partnered with Japanese trading companies Iwatani and Liand Bassel to launch a new SofTouch bottle series in Indonesia. The company stated that it will launch the product later this year in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Oceania.   Due to the bottles are used by babies,we must guarantee the quality.Thus WalthMac offers the Gravimetric Batch Blender for dosing and mixing the different types of raw materials during production process.By increasing the batching ratio to improve the quality,this is important for each baby bottle.   (Content and Pictures come from the China-Plast Online Website)
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