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Company News About Alpla Pharma Presents Innovative Pharmaceutical Packaging At Pharmapack 2024

Alpla Pharma Presents Innovative Pharmaceutical Packaging At Pharmapack 2024

Alpla Pharma Presents Innovative Pharmaceutical Packaging At Pharmapack 2024

ALPLA pharma is the pharmaceutical business unit of ALPLA, and Inden Pharma is its joint venture. The cooperation between the two parties has been successful in less than a year, opening up new horizons in a challenging market. Teams from both parties are eagerly looking forward to the challenges of 2024, while looking back on achievements to date, expanding product offerings and improving services.


ALPLA pharma and Inden Pharma jointly participated in the Pharmapack 2024 exhibition in Paris from January 24 to 25.


Walter Kniss, general manager of ALPLA pharma, expressed excitement about the cooperation between the two parties. He said: "In the context of a corporate joint venture, it is very fulfilling to work with colleagues from Inden every day. In a short period of time, we have gone from being a partner to pharmaceuticals I have benefited greatly from our expertise and extensive experience in the market.”


Juan Gulum, general manager of Inden Pharma, is also enthusiastic: "We particularly appreciate ALPLA's global business network and expertise and are delighted to become a member of the family. Experience and knowledge are the common basis for development and innovation."


For the future, the partners plan to conduct more global mergers and acquisitions to strengthen their influence and thereby better serve customers around the world.


Pharmapack 2024 Exhibition Highlights.


At the Pharmapack exhibition, the two companies jointly presented new products such as CRC 36 caps to the public.


This innovative child-resistant (CRC) anti-tamper (TE) cap integrates a desiccant stopper (silica gel) and can be configured with 1.2g to 4.2g of desiccant. This product can be adapted to containers from 20ml to 500ml and is a multi-functional and innovative system solution.


Joint venture ALPLA INDEN Pharma presented a new bottle cap that is child-resistant and has an integrated desiccant.


In addition, partners demonstrated SafePha, an innovative anti-counterfeiting technology for pharmaceutical packaging that offers numerous advantages. SafePha's holographic elements not only deter counterfeiters, but also bring aesthetic appeal. Each package also has an independent QR code for product authentication, strengthening patients’ digital interaction, trust and brand loyalty. Additionally, SafePha is cost-effective and scalable at no additional cost.


SafePha, demonstrated at the Paris exhibition, is an innovative anti-counterfeiting technology for pharmaceutical packaging that has many advantages.


Christian Schiller, Sales Director at ALPLApharma, emphasizes an important aspect: "At Pharmapack, we will present our expanding product portfolio and always practice sustainability. This positioning emphasizes our active contribution to sustainable development Promise of".


About the joint venture




ALPLA pharma and Inden Pharma announced the establishment of a joint venture in March 2023 to strengthen the influence of both parties in the pharmaceutical market and provide the most advanced pharmaceutical packaging solutions. The two parties have collaborated to create a product catalog of more than 300 products.


As technology leaders and global players, the two companies have extensive expertise and experience, with production sites in Greece, Poland, Spain and Germany.


With the development of dosing and mixing technology,the Gravimetric Batch Blending System becomes one of the popular equipment in production process,to make sure the feeding accuracy as high as possible.


(Content and pictures come from the China-plas Online Website)