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Company News About CHINAPLAS 2024: BASF Launches A Range Of Renewable Grades And Circular Solutions To Fuel Sustainable Plastics Journey

CHINAPLAS 2024: BASF Launches A Range Of Renewable Grades And Circular Solutions To Fuel Sustainable Plastics Journey

CHINAPLAS 2024: BASF Launches A Range Of Renewable Grades And Circular Solutions To Fuel Sustainable Plastics Journey

BASF showcased a series of co-creations based on circular solutions at CHINAPLAS 2024, including pyrolysis oil converted from post-consumer plastic waste (originating from Asia), Ultramid® Ccycled® polyamide (PA) produced based on the mass balance method, innovative “designed recycling” PU foam technology that enables streamlined recycling of polyurethane (PU) foam, and a series of recyclable grades that help the plastics industry move towards a more sustainable future.


Andy Postlethwaite, Senior Vice President and Head of Performance Materials Asia Pacific, BASF, said: "At CHINAPLAS 2024, BASF has launched a series of sustainable products, fulfilling its commitment to Asian customers: to help them advance their sustainable journey and achieve relevant goals with a comprehensive product portfolio. In particular, the Ultramid Ccyled mass balance product, which is "recycled locally" in Asia, contains a certain proportion of pyrolysis oil converted from post-consumer plastic waste in Asia, which shows that BASF attaches great importance to the transformation of raw materials in its integrated value chain."


In addition, BASF also showcased its latest plastic additives products, which can greatly improve the sustainability of plastics and are suitable for various application scenarios.


Dr. Hazel Sprafke, Vice President and Head of Business Management Plastic Additives Asia Pacific, BASF, said: "We hope to connect key industry players at CHINAPLAS 2024, share technical insights in the field of plastic additives in the future, and find opportunities to accelerate the transition to a circular economy."


Mechanical recycling and chemical recycling are important components of the circular economy. Plastic additives are essential in mechanical recycling, which recycles plastic waste and gives it a second life. IrgaCycle® is a unique family of additives that helps resin producers, compounders and recyclers achieve higher recycling rates, improve the quality and consistency of recyclates, and optimize the performance of end products.


Car audio frames made from 100% renewable granules, T-shirts made from discarded fishing nets, and storage boxes made from upcycled plastic pallets are all made possible by IrgaCycle®. At CHINAPLAS 2024, BASF will also showcase its recently launched Irgastab® PUR 71 solution for roof panels, Tinuvin® 2730 for excellent light stability in products such as fish rafts, and NOR technology for greenhouse films.

BASF has been advocating the “Carbon Rope Path, Plastic Together” to drive the plastics industry towards a more sustainable and circular future. This journey covers the entire life cycle of plastics, not just from production to waste. In addition to material innovation, BASF is also actively involved in promoting the circular economy in the plastics sector, including focusing on recyclability when designing products and packaging, optimizing manufacturing processes to reduce waste, and working with partners to build an efficient collection and recycling system. By creating a closed loop of resource utilization and reintroducing renewable plastics into the value chain, BASF aims to minimize resource loss and reduce the impact of plastic waste on the environment. Chemical recycling converts post-consumer plastic waste that is technically or economically difficult to recycle mechanically into pyrolysis oil, which is used as a feedstock in BASF's production process to meet customers' goals of reducing the carbon footprint of products and achieving the proportion of recycled content in a timely manner. The proportion of recycled materials in the products is determined according to the mass balance method, audited by a third party and certified accordingly. Dr. Lou Jianfeng, Chairman and President of BASF Greater China, said: "The Chinese market is shifting to a high-quality and sustainable growth model, and BASF is well prepared to meet the market's growing demand for innovative and sustainable chemicals. By participating in the 2024 Chinaplas and other platform activities, we hope to connect customers and partners to work together to accelerate the sustainable journey of plastics and support the development of new quality productivity."


WalthMac also attend the CHINAPLAS, and dedicate to plastic industrial.


(The content and picture are referenced from the Chinaplas Oline Website)