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Company News About The Latest Test Results Indicate That Multilayer Films Containing PA6 Can Be Recycled

The Latest Test Results Indicate That Multilayer Films Containing PA6 Can Be Recycled

The Latest Test Results Indicate That Multilayer Films Containing PA6 Can Be Recycled

After conducting research on the recyclability of co extruded polyethylene/polyamide (PE/PA) multilayer films in 2021, the independent research institute cyclone HTP GmbH has conducted further extensive research on the recyclability of multilayer films containing polyamide 6 (PA6) and ethylene glycol copolymer (EVOH). The research commissioned by BASF focuses on co extruded PE/PA6/EVOH high barrier films and laminated PA6/PE films in household packaging waste. It has now been proven that these two types of membranes are also suitable for recycling in polyethylene film streams.


Dr. Matthias Zorn, Senior Manager of Market Development for Polyamide Extrusion Applications at BASF, stated, "The results indicate that PE film waste streams containing PA can be processed without significant adjustments to the recycling process. This certification confirms that film manufacturers have now achieved the recycling of PA film waste streams.".


Compatibilizers play an important role as they are additionally incorporated into the laminated structure, enabling the distribution of PA components in the PE matrix. In co extrusion structures, the existing adhesive layer used to bond PA and PE in the film becomes an effective compatibilizer during the recycling process. Matthias Zorn said, "If additional PE-g-MAH is added as a compatibilizer in the primary film production process, polyamide is even considered a valuable material in the recycled polyethylene of cyclos HTP."


This study, conducted in collaboration with leading high-performance film manufacturer S Ü DPACK, on adhesive laminated PE/PA films clearly demonstrates that these previously considered non recyclable films can also become recyclable. In this project, Han Gao's laminated adhesive was used. According to new research, various PA containing packaging can now be proven to be recyclable.


Due to its unique performance, polyamide reduces the amount of materials used in packaging applications, thereby helping to reduce packaging waste. They also improve the mechanical, thermal, and processing properties of the packaging. Although PE/PA/EVOH films are used in many cheese and sausage packaging that require high oxygen barrier, laminated structures mainly appear in printed film packaging in this field.


Last year, Germany recognized the recyclability of co extruded PE/PA films based on VerpackG Article 21 (3), which determines the minimum standard for packaging recyclability affected by system involvement. This certification is another important basis for factual classification of polyamides in packaging. The CEN standardization team is developing guidelines for "recycling design" at the European level, and the central agency Packaging Registry sets minimum standards for evaluating recyclability in Germany every year.

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