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Company News About Solvay Collaborates With Hegen To Bring The First Baby Bottle Made Of Recycled Materials To The Market

Solvay Collaborates With Hegen To Bring The First Baby Bottle Made Of Recycled Materials To The Market

Solvay Collaborates With Hegen To Bring The First Baby Bottle Made Of Recycled Materials To The Market

Solvay, a leading global supplier of specialty materials, has established a strategic partnership with Hegen, offering high-quality Press-to-Close, Twist-to-Open services ™ (PCTO ™) Sustainable Duradex is used in the baby bottle series ™ Polyphenylene sulfone (PPSU). The recycled non fossil raw material content of this PPSU has undergone third-party quality balance certification, meeting the expectations of end customers for more sustainable products. Duradex ™ PPSU is an amorphous, natural amber transparent polymer that does not contain artificial pigments, phthalates, or bisphenols (such as BPA).


Guillaume Meunier, Marketing Director, Life Solutions, Solvay Materials Business, stated: Brand owners and manufacturers in the children's care market are increasingly seeking to improve the sustainability of their products without compromising safety, efficiency, or convenience. Hegen baby and water bottles are widely recognized for their high quality and use the highest purity materials to ensure a healthy and comfortable feeding experience for mothers and children. We are pleased to announce that the company has decided to adopt our quality balance certified PPSU To manufacture its iconic milk bottle.


Hegen founder and CEO Yvon Bock added, "We are pleased to establish a strategic materials partnership with Solvay, which will help us further reduce the environmental impact of baby bottles and align with our ambitious sustainable development roadmap ™ The polymer exhibits superior performance compared to the previous use in manufacturing our high-quality Hegen PCTO ™ The high-performance milk bottle made of the same material, including excellent processing performance and uncompromising durability, makes it an efficient alternative to all fossil based PPSU solutions.


Duradex ™ PPSU MB is related to 54% of the allocated circulating non fossil based raw materials, which have passed the quality balance certification of the International Sustainable Development and Carbon Certification (ISCC PLUS). The quality balance accounting method provides a reliable method to track the raw material content from material production to final application.


In addition, Solvay's Duradex ™ PPSU-MB polymer has high scratch and stain resistance, does not absorb odors, and provides an inherent non stick surface. It combines excellent hydrolysis stability, anti crushing toughness, and high heat resistance. These characteristics also enable lightweight, ergonomic shapes and large open bottles to undergo over 1000 steam or hot water disinfection and dishwasher cycles without any risk of damage.


Hegen's PCTO ™ Baby bottles will be exhibited at the Fakuma exhibition in 2023, and both companies are committed to bringing the first quality balanced PPSU baby bottles to the market by 2024.


WalthMac Technology is committed to improve the products quality by the Gravimetric Batch Blender,the tools especially used by baby,must guarantee their quality.Here WalthMac reached this goal when dosing and mixing multiple raw materials.  


(Context and picture are came from the ChinaPlas Online Website)