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Company News About Pharmaceutical Giant Bayer's New Move! Applying Pulp Molding To Tablet Drug Packaging?

Pharmaceutical Giant Bayer's New Move! Applying Pulp Molding To Tablet Drug Packaging?

Pharmaceutical Giant Bayer's New Move! Applying Pulp Molding To Tablet Drug Packaging?

Recently, PA Consulting (PA) and PulPac (PulPac) are pleased to announce that Bayer's consumer health department has joined the Blister Pack Collection.


Blister Pack Collection was established by PA and PulPac to bring together pharmaceutical, consumer health, and fast-moving consumer goods companies to work together to reduce the use of disposable plastics, especially problematic plastics such as PVC, in over-the-counter, prescription, nutritional, and candy products, thereby accelerating the sustainable development of tablet drug packaging.


With the help of PulPac's dry mold fiber technology (pulp molding dry pressing technology), renewable plant fibers can be transformed into a wide range of sustainable packaging and products, making new environmentally friendly tablet drug packaging a reality.


Dry mold fiber technology can minimize carbon dioxide emissions -80% lower than the carbon dioxide footprint generated by the production of plastic packaging, and requires less water. By adopting this new type of molded packaging, the production of plastic pharmaceutical packaging can be reduced by at least 100000 tons per year. At the same time, it is comparable to plastic packaging in terms of functionality, design, and tablet quantity.


Sanna Fager, Chief Business Officer of PulPac, said, "It is essential for innovators to collaborate to develop more sustainable solutions. By working together, we can move faster towards new innovative fiber packaging solutions and replace unnecessary disposable plastics on a large scale. We look forward to working with leading brands such as Bayer to bring dry mold fiber tablet packaging into our lives.


Jesse DelGigante, Global Packaging Innovation Director, Bayer Consumer Health, said, "We are committed to transforming our packaging 100% into recyclable or renewable by 2030 and investing 100 million euros to change the way our products are manufactured and consumed. Achieving this goal requires working with the best partners, and we are proud to be part of the Blister Pack Collection.


About Bayer

It is a global enterprise with core competitiveness in life sciences such as healthcare and nutrition. Bayer is committed to promoting sustainable development and bringing positive impact to its business. In the fiscal year 2022, the group had approximately 101000 employees, with sales of 50.7 billion euros, and R&D expenses excluding special projects of 6.2 billion euros.


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