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Company News About Kaibai Jiaobao Launches TPE Materials for Sanitary and Drinking Water Pipelines and Hoses

Kaibai Jiaobao Launches TPE Materials for Sanitary and Drinking Water Pipelines and Hoses

Kaibai Jiaobao Launches TPE Materials for Sanitary and Drinking Water Pipelines and Hoses

Starting from March 2022, the evaluation standards for plastics and other organic materials in contact with drinking water developed by the German Environmental Agency (KTW-BWGL standard) will be applied to thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) with a three-year transition period. Therefore, the contact layer of pipes and hoses for drinking water supply of household appliances such as dishwashers must also meet these requirements before March 2025.



Through our brand new THERMOLAST ® The DW/H2 series, we are supporting customers who are committed to meeting stricter KTW-BWGL standards in the hygiene and drinking water pipeline supply market. At the same time, we have set higher standards for the performance of TPE compounds that meet the standards ® Hartmut Arheidt, Industry Marketing Manager, said. Innovative material technology has significantly improved the tensile strength, tear strength, elongation at break, and excellent bending resistance of pipelines


A brand new and unique THERMOLAST ® The DW series replaces the previous DW/H series products and currently offers six different hardness levels, ranging from 70 Shore A to 40 Shore D (see Table I). These compounds can be easily processed on traditional polyolefin extrusion lines and are very suitable for efficient production of cold and hot water pipelines, providing up to 50% better mechanical properties and good performance with PP coating. At the same time, these TPE compounds also have an extremely smooth surface, possessing the resistance required for microbial growth in EN 16421 (formerly known as DVGW W270), and will not affect the odor, taste, or clarity of water passing through the pipeline.


THERMOLAST ® The DW/H2 compound expands the potential application of TPE in this market area, particularly suitable for shower pipes, pressure hoses, food hoses, and supply pipelines in dishwashers and washing machines. They are developed in close collaboration with customers.


We can also provide test reports that comply with the new KTW-BWGL standard, "Hartmut Arheidt added. They have confirmed that these materials are suitable. We can provide sample inspection materials to customers, potential customers, and partners at any time.


WalthMac Technology has committed in the saving raw materials while producing plastic products.


(The content is referenced from the China-Plast Online Website)