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Company News About India Launches First PLA Drinking Water Bottle

India Launches First PLA Drinking Water Bottle

India Launches First PLA Drinking Water Bottle

Recently, at a two-day national conference held in Mysore, Indian Defense Minister Ajay Bhatt launched the country's first biodegradable water bottle developed by DFRL.(DFRL: Defense Food Research Laboratory under the Indian Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), located in Mysore)


These sustainable water bottles are made of polylactic acid (PLA) material, which not only solves the urgent problem of plastic waste, but also helps to reduce the overall carbon footprint. Their uniqueness lies in their biodegradability, providing a promising solution for the increasingly serious problem of plastic pollution.


According to DFRL, these PLA water bottles comply with ISO 17088-2021 and IS 17899 T: 2022 standards to ensure their compostability. In addition, they are considered safe for food and beverage contact applications, making them reliable and sustainable choices.


It is worth noting that environmental protection is not just about the bottle itself; Even bottle caps and labels are compostable, emphasizing a holistic approach to sustainable development.


DFRL states that these transparent and durable water bottles have similar strength to traditional PET bottles. Their uniqueness lies in their source - they come entirely from 100% bio based and renewable resources. This innovation promotes sustainable development by reducing reliance on non renewable resources.


DFRL collaborated with Konkan Specialty Polyproducts Private Limited located in Mangaluru to successfully develop these PLA bottles, specifically designed to hold 250 milliliters of drinking water. Their manufacturing process adopts injection blow molding technology to ensure quality and consistency.


As plastic pollution remains an urgent issue, such measures play a crucial role in mitigating its harmful effects. DFRL's environmentally friendly water bottles not only meet environmental protection goals, but also set a positive example for various industries to adopt sustainable practices, ultimately leading to a greener and more sustainable future.


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(The content and pictures come from the China-Plast Online Website)