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Company News About Asahi Chemical's Engineering Plastics For Key Components Of Singapore Electric Motorcycles

Asahi Chemical's Engineering Plastics For Key Components Of Singapore Electric Motorcycles

Asahi Chemical's Engineering Plastics For Key Components Of Singapore Electric Motorcycles

Asahi Chemical's Xyron modified polyphenylene ether (mPPE) and Leona polyamide (PA) 66 compounds have been selected by Singaporean startup Giken Mobility as key components for their Iso Uno-X all electric lithium-ion battery motorcycle power system. The Iso Uno X electric motorcycle was launched in Hong Kong on July 16 this year.


The lithium battery cover adopts Xyron 443Z brand mPPE, while the motor cover adopts Leona 53G33 brand PA66. Asahi also provided CAE design optimization simulation tools for the design of motor covers. An analysis of mold filling, warping prediction, and gate optimization has been conducted, which helps to accelerate the process of part design and tool manufacturing.


The Xyron 443Z grade mPPE used in the lithium battery cover has high flame retardancy (UL V-0 grade), impact resistance, electrolyte resistance, dimensional stability, and electrical insulation. In addition, it also has the characteristic of light weight, with a density of 1.1 grams per cubic centimeter, while the density of aluminum is 2.7 grams per cubic centimeter. The PA66 material of Leona 53G33 brand has excellent mechanical properties, low water absorption, and hydrolysis resistance. Especially, this material also has resistance to calcium chloride.


The Iso Uno X is equipped with a fixed on-board battery, rather than a replaceable battery. Fixed batteries can be integrated into the motorcycle chassis to achieve better weight distribution and overall structural rigidity. They can also be customized into shapes that are suitable for motorcycle structures, making more efficient use of space and potentially increasing energy density.


Vehicle mounted fixed batteries can also be more safely integrated into motorcycles, providing better safety in the event of accidents. In fact, security is Giken Mobility's top priority. The protective casing of batteries and motors is crucial for maximizing safety in all aspects. In this regard, Asahi Chemical's Xyron product series performs the best in terms of electrical insulation and fire resistance. Giken Mobility commented, "As electric vehicles, heat resistance is crucial when we want our motorcycles to be used in busy traffic and very high temperatures。


Regarding Leona materials, Giken Mobility stated, "There is a different but equally important aspect in our development and testing process. We require the waterproof performance of the motor casing to reach a certain level. The biggest challenge here is that our motor unit must also use a refrigerant pipeline through the casing for liquid cooling. Despite these challenges, Asahi's components can still provide a perfect solution to our requirements.


The Iso Uno X motorcycle has a cutting-edge sporty design and matched performance. Its power unit is an electric motor with a peak power of 11 horsepower (8.5 kW), which can achieve rapid acceleration of 0 to 50 kilometers per hour (0 to 31 miles per hour) in 3.7 seconds. Meanwhile, the range of lithium batteries is 92 kilometers.


(Content are referenced from the China-Plastic Online website)